ExplainVid – Online Elevator Pitch

Hi, we’re ExplainVid and we realize that you have ONE chance to make a great first impression online.

But more importantly, you only have about 3 seconds to make that first impression, or your dream prospect will be gone forever.

So, we do this by creating powerful 30 seconds to 3-minute long explainer videos, that we call “your online elevator pitch”

Our videos get people’s attention… fast.

We know that elevator pitches work because your prospects are locked in by 4 walls.

But because we can’t do that online, we make the videos SO captivating, that your visitors couldn’t leave if they wanted to.

We’ve already build videos for some of the top online companies in the world and now we’re ready to work on YOUR video.

So fill out the form on our website now, and let’s get started on your online elevator pitch!