How It Works?

(Our explainer video production process)


1. Script

First, we make a research of your company, product or services and write a killer script based on the purpose of your forthcoming video.


2. Storyboard

After you approve the script , then we skech up a storyboard based on that script, where you’ll see the screen by screen what your animations will look like.


3. Voice-over

We find the most charming and suitable actor and make a recoding of the script that clearly and strongly delivers your message.


4. Design

We show you a few examples with different style frames and after we agree on one, we design complete illustrations based on the storyboard.


5. Animation

This is where the magic happens. Our top-notch animators and sound designers create perfect video where illustrations come alive and meet voice-over, music and sounds.


6. Delivery

Finally, we deliver you the finished animation video in all needed formats so you could successfully use it in all your marketing campaigns.