Hi, we’re ExplainVid and we realize, that you have one chance to make a great first impression online, but more importantly, you only have about 3 seconds to make that first impression, or your dream prospect will be gone forever…

So, we do this by creating powerful 30 second to 3 minute long explainer videos, that we call your online elevator pitch. Our videos get people’s attentions… Fast. We know that elevator pitches work because your prospects are locked in by 4 walls. Because we can’t do that online, we make the videos so captivating that your visitors couldn’t leave if they wanted to.

How it works?

(Our explainer video production process)


First, we make a research of your company, product or services and write a killer script based on the purpose of your forthcoming video.


After you approve the script , then we skech up a storyboard based on that script, where you’ll see the screen by screen what your animations will look like.


We find the most charming and suitable actor and make a recoding of the script that clearly and strongly delivers your message.


This is where the magic happens. Our top-notch animators and sound designers create perfect video where illustrations come alive and meet voice-over, music and sounds.


Finally, we deliver you the finished animation video in all needed formats so you could successfully use it for any software or device.


We show you a few examples with different style frames and after we agree on one, we design complete illustrations based on the storyboard.

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What our clients say?

Russell Brunson

Jonathan Budd

Laura Rumbina

Valtis Barkans

Ernestas Vasiliauskas

Mindaugas Savickas

Diana Šubelko

Vytenis Zibergas

Renato Fiuza

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Latest Projects

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